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COVID - 19

In compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Considerations for Communities of Faith,” the State of California’s “Guidance for Places of Worship and Gathering in Person,” and LA County and the City of Carson’s “Safe Re-Opening of Places of Worship,” True Vision Apostolic Church, requires that you: (1) be informed of the symptoms and mechanisms of spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19); (2) attest to be symptom-free at time of entering the premises; (3) consent to the risks of working, volunteering, or participating in any activity on the premises; and (4) release True Vision Apostolic Church, and its officers and directors from all liability in the event of exposure or sickness.

What is COVID-19, and how does it spread?

COVID-19 is an illness caused by a virus spread person-to-person or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or face. Medical professionals believe that the virus is spread primarily through respiratory droplets. Infected individuals have reported mild to severe, life-threatening symptoms that result in death. Symptoms can include:

Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.

While all people are potentially at risk of contracting COVID-19, those over age 65 and those with underlying health conditions (heart or lung disease, diabetes, etc.) are at greater risk and are strongly encouraged to stay home. 

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, encounter anyone with these symptoms, or who has tested positive for COVID-19, please refrain from entering or vacate the premises immediately and contact your medical care provider.


Cooperative Mitigation Policy
To ensure the health and well-being of all parishioners, staff, and volunteers, persons entering the premises of the worship centers used by True Vision Apostolic Church must consent the following practices:


  • A face mask or cloth face covering must be worn.

  • Physical distancing of at least six (6) feet must be maintained between all persons from different households.

  • Rules for parking, seating, foot traffic, and dismissal procedures must be observed.

  • Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer (provided) upon entry, after using the restroom, and before and after consuming any food or drink or meeting high touch surfaces.

  • Refrain from physical contact and sharing items with others 

  • For staff and volunteers: wipe down high-touch surfaces before and after use (e.g., light switches, doorknobs, copier, and printer equipment, etc.)

Attestation and Consent

By attending, you attest:

  • That you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and have not had contact with anyone who has or has tested positive.

  • That you have followed the CDC and California guidelines of maintaining physical distancing, wearing masks/facial coverings, and refrained from participating in gatherings that do not observe these guidelines.

  • That you have not traveled outside the state or internationally in the past 14 days.

  • That you are aware in-person attendance of worship services is strictly voluntary, and worship services will continue to stream live after the resumption of in-person worship.

  • To the risks associated with community transmission of COVID-19 and the potential for exposure even with proper mitigation protections 

  • To comply with the stated Cooperative Mitigation Policy

  • To release True Vision Apostolic Church, and its officers and directors from all liability if you are exposed to the COVID-19 virus and become ill.

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